TheLove of Siam

The Love of Siam

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Here, in Siam of love.

“Tong” a good-looking, grade 12 guy who is the envy of all “Siam Square” boys because of his gorgeous girlfriend “Donut”. But for some reason, Tong decides to stay away from Donut and find answers for his life.

Meanwhile, “Mew”- a teenager gifted with music skills is devoting his love to music and is building his own band. Mew is a lonely boy who has never felt love since his grandmother passed away. So it is tough when he has to write a love song for his band “August” to propose to a giant record label. As Mew is searching for inspirations, he never notices that his neighbor “Ying” has had eyes on him from a distance.

Then one day, Siam Square becomes the meeting place for Tong and Mew again, after not seeing each other since Tong’s family moved several years ago. Mew introduces Tong to June, his band manager who ha peculiar resemblance to “Tang”, Tong’s sister who just disappeared when he was young. So Tong devices a plan to have his mother- “ Sunee” hire June to be Tang to help cure his father’s “Kom” alcoholism.

The LOve of Siam June’s entrance improves things in Tong’s family. At the same time, Mew’s love song is starting to take shape. However, just as August band’s dream of making its debut album is nearing reality. Mew is nowhere to be found on audition day, prompting the band’s producer to look for a new lead singer.

Christmas is coming, and the big concert everyone is waiting for is coming up too. The August band is making its public debut soon. What is Mew going to do? Who is going to sing Mew’s love song?

Prepare to see the story of love and friendship unfolds through love songs that will warm your heart and last in your soul forever.

Noelsterz advices you to watch the movie as it brought you to a love story of the two Thai boys. Brilliantly conceived, The Love of Siam is a very different film in many respects. Most notably different is the length.

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