Justin Bieber New Haircut 2011

For most of us, a haircut is no big deal. But for Justin Bieber, a new haircut is something of a risk. Since emerging onto the music scene as a YouTube sensation, Bieber’s shaggy hair has been his trademark. A new look could alienate his fan base.
Justin Bieber has officially swapped his signature bowl cut for a new, more grown-up look that has shocked fans and left them speechless.

Earlier today, Justin tweeted this message to his fans:

“Thinking about getting a haircut….hmmmmmm,” but before Bieber could show off the look himself, Jay posted the pic, along with this message to Justin “Ooooops! Sorry Bieber!!!!”

Justin Bieber posted on his facebook page that:

“so yeah i got a lil haircut…i like it…but all the hair cut is going to raising money for some incredible charities!! HELP OTHERS!!”

source: http://www.allvoices.com/


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  1. I’m so glad to have found your website. I love the freshness which you have used in this article and others. Awesome job.

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