Love that will Never Grow Old

To Grow Old Together

by: Michael Cunningham


Hands that now tremble and shake as they reach to hold mine.
Hands that I kiss and hold tenderly and will throughout time.
Hands that warm my heart with more heat then even our sun.
Hands that I will love and cherish until our time here is done.

Lips that you press hard against my now old and wrinkled cheek.
Lips that tell me that your heart still has all its passion and heat.
Lips that I kiss with all of the tenderness I feel for you in my soul.
Lips that still excite me to the point that I nearly still lose control.

Eyes that are still beautiful though hazed over and frosted with time.
Eyes that see my soul clearly and continue to love this heart of mine.
Eyes that look at me with admiration even when I am not at my best.
Eyes that healed my soul and gave me courage to challenge any quest.

You came and sat beside me lying your head so sweetly on my shoulder.
You awaken memories of passion and love that did and still do smolder.
You have owned my heart and soul from that beautiful day we first met.
You are my soul-mate, my forever, and the miracle that God to me sent.

I Love You with all the passion that my heart for you has always felt.
I am committed to you forever my darling, my heart you still do melt.
I know our love is forever and I will love you until the very end of time.
I am yours forever and when we meet in heaven you will still be mine.

We accepted all life’s hardships, and challenges that did come our way.
We held each other letting our love guide us through every rough day.
We will always be in love although in one area you did not do your best.
We are one because I reached for the stars while you accepted far less.

In my arms I hold you tightly while the daylight of our lives fades away.
In our hearts there is undying love though our bodies turn old and gray.
In each others arms knowing that our mate may not be here tomorrow.
In our heart our mate will be there to help us through this great sorrow.

If tomorrow the sun shines, I hope that I am blessed to see you there.
If we are still together then that means God has answered my prayer.
If though you awaken to find you face alone all life’s stormy weather,
If you listen to your heart I am there holding you we have just begun


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