Mula sa Puso 2011 (revealed teaser)


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  1. This is the first ever soap opera that have all the possible twist in a certain story. You name it, they have it. It was the soap opera that made all viewers hate the character of the unforgettable antagonist Selina.

    According to Jhune F. Lauro, the original writer of the story, the series was just the first of the 11 installment of the whole story. Just imagine how long the story is if Wenn Deramas will write a script of the whole story.

    Search as well for the 2nd installment, MULA sa PUSO: Ang Pagpapatuloy ng Poot ni Selina. Its another twist of the story and a new revelation about Mariels real identity and Tindengs’ real connection with the Pereira. You may ask yourself a question if how Selina can continue her evil works if she died in the first story.

    Third instalment, Mula sa Puso: Tayo Paring Dalawa.

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