How Can That One of the Worst Time in My Life Bring Out the Best in Me

For the twenty-one years of my existence, I can truly say I’ve been riding the rougher roller coaster ride. Instead of giving me so much thrills and enjoyment, it gave me fears and the toughest lessons. He gave me a rough ride paving my way in knowing myself even more. “I am strong, because I have been weak. I am beautiful, because I know my flaws. I am fearless, because I have been afraid. And above all, I am wise because I have been foolish”. These are some of many things I take time to ponder on. Things that confronted me out of many storms I’ve been through.

I have tried given up my pride, worth and dignity just to embrace the kind of love I have always longed for, having a perfect man and everlasting love. I envied over one’s triumph and have been jealous over one’s attention and security. I told myself then, “shame on you”. See? I have been a total mess and desperate being. Well, I deserve to have them for I have been so wicked and offensive to the person I ought to love. I deserve all the putdowns and accusations held upon by other people. Yes, I heed their judgments and even threats. But one thing for sure I take account amidst this wilderness “I stumbled down yet knelt to pray and in God’s endless providence, I STOOD UP”.

Out from every little good things that had happened to me, I’ve found what I have been searching for- HAPPINESS, and by the way, it has a name– JESUS CHRIST. With all the advices that both my friends and family poured on me, only Jesus himself has tamed and has alleviated the hatred within me. He taught me to glance a little to the great things from my past and of my future. Suddenly, a “pilot light” of hope and courage flickers before my eyes. There’s always hope because life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, rather how you learn to dance in the rain. Life is too short to be unhappy. So, love truly, forgive quickly but never forget. Learn from your mistakes and never regret. Life is all about discovering our purpose. Along the struggles, you’ll get to meet that inner strength and you thought you never had. As of this very moment of my life, I can sum up everything in three words; “LIFE GOES ON”.


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