Mario Maurer Penshoppe Fan Conference

Mario Maurer is a hit in Manila! This after the Mario Maurer FanCon (fan convention) organized by Penshoppe was a huge success. Fans of the Thai heartthrob trooped to the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) as Penshoppe’s new image model met and greeted his Pinoy followers. Maurer was understandably surprised by the turnout. In an interview, he said he did not expect to have so many fans in the Philippines.

Girls (and gays) screamed to their hearts’ content at every opportunity. Even at the start, during a Mario Maurer video presentation, Pinoy fans were already busting each other’s eardrums with their screams. And when Maurer finally appeared, the decibels increased even further. The Thai heartthrob further thrilled his Filipino fans by dancingand answering questions later at the event.

This is the “bonggang” stage of the Penshoppe event! The venue was perfect, sound system was perfect too, the front acts, guests and the whole event was really really great and Mario Maurer as the new brand ambassador of Penshoppe is EXCELLENT! This Penshoppe Fan Conference fits the word “PERFECT

with the guest performer BLUSH 

The ever-hot VJ Utt hosting the event (he is also a Thai)


(L-R) The handsome Mikael Daez and Victor Basa as the first endorsers who introduced Penshoppe to all of us. 

The smokin hot Solenn Heussaff who is also an erdorser of Penshoppe, also gave information about the brand.

Jake Galvez and IC Mendoza fighting over Mario! I hope I took a video of their conversation instead of pictures. Haha! They were really so funny, though VJ Utt did not understand them. LOL!

And as you can see, VJ Utt is already in the middle, trying to stop these funny bekis! Haha 😛

Ms. Joyce Ramirez, the director for International Publicity for PR Asia Worldwide – The Philippines’ Leading Publicity, gave also a talk and she is also one of the reasons why Mario Maurer is here! 🙂 We owe her a lot!

And this is it! Mario Maurer for Penshoppe!!!!! Look at the crowd! Oh well, the video speaks for itself!

Interview – Mario with Ms. Joyce

And guess what?! Mario did the dougie for his Filipino fans!! He is so far, the cutest person who tried to do the dougie!! ♥

For more pictures of the Fancon, visit this link:

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