Touching Story: Till death do us part

A flight attendant began to check the cabin before take-off. A woman asked her,

“Please remind my husband to take his heart pills. He’s in seat #8.”
The attendant assured the woman she would. After take-off, she approached the man in seat #8 and said,

“Sir, remember to take your heart pills.”
The man, surprised, answered:

“How do you know I have a heart disease?:
The attendant answered:

“Your wife told me to remind you, sir.”
With that, the man cried.

“Is there something wrong, sir?” the attendant asked him.

“My wife is dead,” the man told her in tears, “her body is in this plane and I am taking her home to bury her.”


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  1. Ganda naman nito! Thanks for the share Noel, ilalagay ko din ito sa blog site ko.

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