Beauty of Cebuana!

Ms. Cebu History

Started in 1984 by a small group of Cebuano’s blessed with foresight.

Miss Cebu took on the task of promoting Cebu as a viable alternative tourist destination. This came at a time when the tourism in the Asia Pacific region was in a jumpstart and was an imperative tool for countries to woo inventors to their shores. Cebu’s leaders then understood that this Queen City of the South needed to join the bandowagon and position herself as an island blessed by mother nature with splendid resources that beckoned and nurtured tourism and trade.

Miss Cebu, the pageant, became not only an event Cebuano’s looked forward to, but also an effective vehicle to establish good relations with countries like Japan, Australia and Korea among others.

Hence, through typhoons, administration changes economic turmoil, the organizers continued to put
up the January pageant until it became a permanent must-see during the Sinulog fiesta week.

Although the candidates and eventually, the winners were those who stood out at social functions, in
academic circles and smalls, they were not randomly chosen. Not just any Cebuano entered the candidates’ circle.

After 25 years since its inception, the quality of the women has been consistent. Brains come first
before beauty because the Cebuano is known for being more than just a pretty face.

Consistently, Miss Cebu has produced national and international beauty queens, world-class models, and individuals who excels and standout different fields most especially in the corporate world.

This year, Miss Cebu 2008 organized intensive a series of trainings, seminars and workshop for this year’s twelve (12) finalists to enhance their personality to prepare them to be Cebu’s Ambassador of Goodwill. Sessions with the Toastmasters Club International helped developed effective communications skills, which were very vital in representing Cebu. The personality Development Workshops Other lecturers on vital topics about Cebu were conducted by CATO,CTTA, CATG, HRRAC, DTI, CCCI and DOT.

Miss Cebu is unique and special. She is goal-oriented, direct and ambitious. She is accomplished in many areas. Furthermore, she is confident, commanding in presence and truly a potential leader by virtue of experience in competition. She is an achiever.

Miss Cebu is a model for other woman. She cares about a woman’s role in society. Moreover, she is a woman sensitive to her environment and caring about the “ challenging issues” facing the world. She works in a defined way toward possible solutions and uses her crown and its accompanying
responsibilities to make a difference in the community that has chosen her to be its role model.

Miss Cebu is a leader by virtue of her experiences, is independent and an eloquent communicator.
Talented, intelligent and blessed with energy, charisma, expression and health, Miss Cebu is also
physically attractive both in face and figure.

Miss Cebu displays all these characteristics in her everyday life both as an individual, with hope of
advancing her career, her personal and humanitarian goals, and as a woman, seeking to improve the lives of others in her community.

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Candidate No. 1
Ana Coritha J. Desamparado
Candidate No. 2
Sheda Lynn A. Dusaban
Candidate No. 3
Christine A. Tan
Candidate No. 4
Nadia Claire O. Urbino
Candidate No. 5
Tara Frances L. Oliver
Candidate No. 6
Ethel B. Bitoon
Candidate No. 7
Phoebe Kaye C. Fernandez
Candidate No. 8
Kimberley Therese A. Burden
Candidate No. 9
Michelle Iva G. Eguia
Candidate No. 10
Angela Grace P. Alinabon
Contestant No. 11
Rizzini Alexis C. Gomez
Candidate No. 12
Kris Tiffany M. Janson

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